Monday, September 11, 2006

"Never Forget" that My Eggs Expire Today

September 11th is no longer just any ol' day, it's a devastating reminder of hate, incompetence and the sheer self centered nature we humans employ, but here's the eggs also expired today, the rotten selfish bastards! Sure, I could risk it and boil the buggers, but just coming off of a stomach virus so heinous my bungholio is still raw, I'll pass.

There will be plenty of articles remembering what happened 5 years ago today, so I'll pass on the politics of it, basically we fucked up and the "evil doers" fucked up by fucking with us and then we fucked up some more to the point of one might think that we are fucked.

I wanted eggs for breakfast, but not today, today is a day for cereal methinks, chock full of those 11 essential vitamins I need to survive or I'm fucked.

Never forget the horror, the angst, the hate, the ignorance and hubris. The images are burned in our minds and the tears still come freely, I don't want to lose that, but what I really want is some food, eggs would have been nice, but I think they were terrorist eggs to begin with, hence the expiration date. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and I'll be basking in my light (read; Count Chocula, yum.)

Never forget. Have a loverly day!