Saturday, October 21, 2006


SayWA? Spring fresh? Magically delicious? We've finally got used to the Metrosexual, men who divulge in as much primping and pampering as women, now we've got to get used to the idea that Seattle is now Metronatural.
"Seattle offers the best of both worlds," Don Welsh, the bureau's president, said in a news release. "We have a vibrant urban center surrounded by pristine wilderness and outdoor recreation."

The idea of "metronatural" was to capture that, Welsh said, adding that so far, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. He said some people might not get it if they're simply told what the slogan is, but once they see it on photographs of the city, Puget Sound or the Cascades, it really resonates

It sounds like a health food store to me or a locally produced feminine product. "Honey, hand me my Metronatural...It's douche day!". The sampling of Seattle residents a local news station asked about the new slogan were pretty much taken aback, not knowing what it meant. Seattle is far from a "green" city, but it sits amidst two Mountain ranges and Puget Sound, we have Orca's in the waters and Bald eagles that fly over Safeco field during game time. Seattle is beyond gorgeous, now we're Metronatural. I get it, it's kind of funny in a trendy-trying-to-hard-to-be-hip way and it's definitely a step up from the slogan "SayWA"....What? "SayWA"...What? Say it. "WA". Thank You. What?

Welcome to Seattle the Metronatural city, we're spring fresh and pretty, you can almost smell it.