Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm an original

How Many Of

I don't think I've ever put my full last name on the blog, I don't like to share specifics of my life, that is unless it's a wart on my ass, of which I have none, whew! Thankfulness aside, I just want to point out just how original I am, the last name helps, but I suspect that even if I didn't have this last name I'd still be me. Imagine going through life with a "Z" last name, I'm always last unless they go by the alphabet backwards and then I'm first, eek. At the grocery store, the checker always has to thank me by my name and it's always amusing to see if they'll pronounce it correctly and 9 times out of ten they don't. I return all bumbled attempts at saying Ziniewicz with "It's Polish for Smith", they laugh, I leave.

It's not enough that I've got one of "those faces"...."are you related to..?", "I know you from somewhere, don't I? My favorite is when the person really thinks they know me and promptly starts a conversation, if they don't figure it out before they tell me about their life, I gently tell them I'm not who they think I am, we laugh together and as they walk away, they turn to look at me one last time with a questionable look on their face.

All my nieces and nephews, upon birth, have heard the words "you look like your Auntie" and if you could see me first thing in the morning, you'd see the resemblence. I'm just one of "those" kind of people, completely my own, curmudgeonly self, but if you feel like we've met before, perhaps we have, but it's most likely we haven't. I've just got one of "those faces" and once you hear my name, you know you haven't met me before, because I'm Theresa Ziniewicz and there's only one of me in this country and that's just spiffy by me.
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