Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway Finale

To say I was shocked that Jeffrey won is an understatement. I think a little piece of my brain shot out of my nose into my tea when they announced it and then I sipped the tea, ew. The judges wanted innovation and picked Mr. McMeanyTattooNeck. No, they didn't want Laura's clean, magnificent cocktail attire. They didn't want Uli's flowery, flowy whatnots (my personal fav) or Michaels hoochie mama on Melrose garb. Apparently the judges wanted clothes inspired by Japanese ghost stories (Boo!), gulp. I will say I LOVED his striped jacket, I would wear it out most likely, but the other stuff was a little too manga-esque and honestly, I can't remember a time I said to myself, "Hey, I wanna look like a Japanese Ghost, I'm all about "dead sexy" you can almost smell it!"

I'm not one to dismiss Jeffery's obvious talents and I applaud his use of fantasy as a muse, but...having sold a gazillion Anime' books, I've seen his collection before... on the covers of these books, blet. In a world where Dove has the balls to show us what it really takes to be a "real woman", I'm not surprised that the Project Runway judges picked Jeffery, better to keep the illusion of "real women" in the background. Bitches in sweats just don't sell.