Sunday, December 10, 2006

Working for a livin'

"Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel, that you, too can become great!" ~Mark Twain

Christmas in retail can be overwhelming. Christmas in retail at a new job, exhausting to the point of delirium. So far, I've managed to stay relatively sane despite the fact I take verbal swipes from "the other manager", who is obviously threatened by my very existence. What little authority I have is constantly questioned or ignored by the "other manager's" team of not so loyal, terribly bitter and sad people. This store has some seriously fucked up and angry karma going on and um...I don't do that. I don't do drama, won't, can't, not gonna do it. You've got issues, well lose them or leave them at home, but don't and I repeat, do NOT, hang your shit on me moth-er-fuck-ers. :)

She: [broadcast over our radio earpieces] "Of course I work Sundays, one day I'll be special enough to not have to work them, but until then I'm here at 7:30"

Me: "No comment. And hey, thanks for your comment!" :D

This is just one in a series of verbal swipes directed at me by the "other manager". I'm not working Sundays because the commute is close to non-existent. The commute on weekdays is nothing; bus, train, bus, but on weekends it's a series of buses that for whatever reason, never connect to the next destination without an thirty minute wait or more, this despite the fact that the store, located a half mile south of the largest mall in the Seattle area (and soon to be relocated to the mall), go, Sound Transit, stellar job! But that's neither here nor there, my schedule isn't this woman's business and it would be wise that she shut her ignorant bitter mouth before I tape that evil orifice up with duct tape retrieved from some hairy fuckers ass. I wasn't hired to be this person's verbal punching bag and she better step off or I'll get so fucking professional on her sorry ass she'll have paper cuts from the mountain of complaints I will lodge at her like a fucking Human Resources canon ball.

She: "Ha ha, did you say "no comment""?

Me: "Yes I did, mam"

She: "Aw, don't worry, your time will come." (perhaps meaning there will come a time that I'll get to take verbal swipes at her - don't know, don't care - I'm playing my cards close.)

Me: (with customers in tow) "Girl, my time HAS come!" followed by a "Z" shaped snap.

This customers giggled and asked what that was all about and I just said "she's a worry wort, nothing to be concerned with, she'll be okay."

I knew there would be issues from day one when I entered the office and our General Manager introduced us. She gets up from her desk and comes at me with open arms and a hug. "Welcome to our family." [Tip of the day: Don't hug newcomers it stinks of desperation, this isn't AA or group therapy, it's a fucking business. Hugs come later, when you know the bitches.]

"Um, okay, thank you?"

"Ha Ha, she's a funny gal. Isn't she?"

The GM says something to the effect of "she always has been." The GM and I have known each other professionally for 18 years and at one time was my District Manager, yet another reason this "other manager" feels threatened.

The "other manager" tells me she was supposed to have my job come January, oops. Honestly, if she was supposed to have the job, I suspect she would have gotten the position and they would have hired me as the Merchandising manager, but alas, they wanted me as Inventory manager and that's how it is.

This store is so dysfunctional I have to work six days a week for the next two weeks, because no one wants to work there. People keep quitting and I understand why, negative energy is all around, it's not good. Direction is barked over the radio like threats. No please, no thank you. Nothing positive is said about the booksellers, criticism is all around.

My goal, along with making sure with have want people want to buy, is to spread sunshine all over the place until the bitch super nova's and everyone is walking around with god damned smile, until then, I won't let my former employees, who want to work with me again, apply to the many positions that need to filled. I'm not going to let good people be treated like shit for any reason. However, I am recruiting my former assistant, because she's got balls of steel and can hold her own against bitter nastiness and I need an ally in my quest to get these folks to lighten the fuck up. Life is short, very fucking short and there is no reason to walk around acting like a bunch of bitter martyrs.

For the most part, I know I'm going to love this job and I expected a certain amount of resentment from the "other manager" and supervisors, so I'm not going to sweat the bullshit, I'm there do a job I'm fucking terrific at and I'm not going to play in their little reindeer games. I'm an optimistic misfit of sorts, I want to encourage people to be the best at whatever they choose to do in this life, but in my own quirky, albeit professional, way. I'm not intimidated by much, people, technology, I say..."bring it on" and if I fail at least I know I gave it my all and if I succeed, I'll celebrate with those who played a part in my success and then move on to the next challenge. The bottom line in life is to treat people as you would want to be treated and you'll win every time. See, I fight with love baby, so take some time to smell the flowers or I'll plant said flowers in your ass. :D