Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow, again. Trump spews, again.

1. I hate snow. This has been the longest six inches has ever stuck around my home. Last Wednesday it snowed, a lot and six inches in three hours and then, this morning it snowed about three more inches just in time for the morning commute. I fell - twice. The bus slid around - twice. I gave up and came home and promptly napped. Sure, it can be pretty, but it's awful when it happens, we're a hilly area, many slopes, many hills, many roads closed. Ugh.

2. Donald Trump is a sad, pathetic, screeching and hysterical wannabe man. Give the bitch a Midol suppository, asap!

3. Time magazine naming "You" as person of the year was an awesome tribute to our cyber power, what little there is and then I saw some elitists media types scoffing at the very idea, there were more far important people and issues, apparently more important than "YOU" in their eyes. Need they forget, those elitist media types, that at any time, during any minute of any particular day that "they" are "me's", "him's", "her's" and a couple of "hey you's" and yes they too are "YOU's".

The first night of big snow, the next day, twilight a few days later and today, shoot me. :)

[I'm in the midst of a move and still working a lot, I'll be back...]