Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Full Moon Spew

This is just a tip but if you're going to steal a cell phone from a kid at my local Park n' Ride, don't.

Some dude attempted this tonight, right as I was getting off my bus to await my next bus. It was all very exciting. I didn't see it happen, what I saw was the local police tossing some dude in the back of a squad car and then I turned to see if my bus was coming when I heard a muffled pop, pop, pop and um...pop. The cops were tazing the shit out of the dude and he still managed to get out of the car at which time 3 cops tackled the phone theif to the ground and tazed his sorry ass 4 more times. About 7 cop cars in all arrived to catch a theif, a theif that wanted to make a call, that, I assume, he never made. One thing is for sure, he will get one phone call later.

Full moons bring out the best in everyone. One of the cafe employee's didn't show for work this morning causing a massive chain reaction of pissed off bosses, pissed off employee's who had to cover for the offenders ass. My boss didn't even confront the little shit when he did arrive. On the other hand, after I was assaulted by a very pissed off customer for having to wait for her precious f'n mocha while the late employed continued his trend of lateness after his lunch, I ran behind the counter to take orders sot that the barista could make the drinks (all this during my lunch break which I was already 1/2 hour into)argh....dudes, I sell books, not Latte's, it was not good. I took the offending barista into the cafe office and asked him where, for the love of God, was his love for his job???

I listened to a massive line of bullshit and said straight up that I don't play games, when you fuck let everyone down and then I made him read the note left by the pissed off customer and said "that's the last customer you'll ever piss off on my watch, if your going to work here, find some love for your job dude, or leave." He stared at the ground and promised never to mess up again and can I just say...I dig when air gets blown up my, really.

As the kid left when his shift was over, I walked up to him shook his hand, empathized with his school/work/family drama issues and said "find the love, dude. I'll see you tomorrow at what time?"

"7 a.m., I promise" he said.

Another blast of air in me bungholio.

And finally a note to those returning books after the holiday. Do note that we know how old the book is, bestsellers from 1985 just won't make the grade, or say Katherine Hepburn's autobiography in hardcover "but it's brand NEW!"...sure it was new when it came out 1991, perhaps the customer overslept, fuck if I know but that book stank of garage sale find "It's looks new, I'll return it for cash...without a receipt...yeah, that's the ticket!" Assholes. Three people tried this today, it was insane. Stop, please. Thanks.