Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Lange Syne

2006 was a year of epic change, exhausting on many levels and if there's one thing I learned to appreciate it was in fact the process of change, because it is the very essence of the human condition and that of the earths.

In the past month alone, change bitch slapped us daily; snow, monumental wind storms, knocking out power for days and for some weeks at a time, and some still don't have their cable back. Employees continued to quit at my new job in droves and finally..."the other manager" snapped completely and walked out the door two days before Christmas, interestingly enough, the employees who quit, left because they were treated like shit by "the other manager" and finally, when I wouldn't respond to her chronic verbal slams against myself, she snapped. When I got the call from my boss, I was told a story that blew my mind, basically, she was threatened by my very existence and felt I was given preferential treatment, mmmmhmmm, if working excessive hours and 6 days a week is preferential treatment somebody shoot me. Whatever, she's history and won't be missed. There is a level of optimism in that store that they haven't felt in a couple of years and I'm not saying that is due to me at all, sure I was an instigator for change, but all I did was act like a compassionate, albeit extraordinarily fallible person - in other words, I was myself and relied heavily on my own belief system of compassion, encouragement and education. I've still got a lot to learn, but it will be much easier without someone constantly slamming me. Asta la vista little miss angry pants. Best wishes to you and remember, there is one constant in life - change.

Yesterday, I lost my voice due to exhaustion which brought on a bout of bronchitis topped off with a sinus infection, gosh puffy eyes and scratchy voice make me feel sexy. I put the telly on cspan and watched for hours as a procession of mourners walked past President Fords casket, it helped me to sleep and relax, thanks Gerry! The night before, it was the hanging of that tyrant Saddam Hussein that put me to sleep and earlier in the week it was the news the James Brown had past that I reflected on as I slept. Hell, who needs Excedrin P.M. when you have death to rock you to sleep.

Today I go looking for a new abode, with what little energy I can muster. There will be no partying for this girl tonight, I will be resting, blowing my nose, coughing and eating vitamin C like m & m's. 2007 is going to be a great year of change, like every year before it and I look forward to it. I've got a terrific and supportive family and an amazing group of helpful and supportive friends, I couldn't ask for anything more, because I know I need them and they need me throughout the changes that life brings. Best wishes to you all and Happy New Year!!!!