Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!" - George Costanza

It's so wrong when the President constantly flips us the bird and the fucking Vice President shoots at anything the he thinks is a bird. Kind of makes you wish a bird would just shit in their mouths so they'd get the freakin' bird flu and die.


Okay, I've thought about it and I've come to the realization that wishing death to Dubya and his "Dick" was rather harsh, so, I was thinking that once the bird flu set in the men could have develop a debilitating fever (achy and sweaty lil' motherfuggers..) and to top that off I was thinking that a hideous dose of the ass blistering won't-scab-over-for-days diarrhea would ravage their knotted and infected guts. Oh yes, the shitting would continue for hours. This shitbullets do not relent. So until and only until they apologize for their abuses of power and resign like the good lil' Nixon's the have the potential to be, the shitting will never cease.

Serenity now.