Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Oprah and Obama I'm Nickeled and Dimed to death and all I want is to smile

1) Do NOT download any crap associated with facebook hoopla's that included a free search tool. They introduce viruses to your computer. I know this because I am currently combatting a gazillion virues, some trojon, some not, that are directly related to "my search" and "fast search" that "My Tattoo" bullshit brought most of this on. I've got my own fucking tattoo's on my person - like them, love them really and I don't need cyber tattoo's, thanks but no thanks. Pay attention to the shit that facebook is affiliated with and don't download ANYTHING that will compromise your computer - period! I didn't want the search bar, I tried to reneg on it when I accidentally downloaded it and now it's chewing the f'n soul out of my computer.

2) Personal scheduling - OMFG, this, that and wtf-ever. Jesus Merry blet blah bloop! I haven't had two consecutive days off in weeks and I'm cracking. I've had a inventory that lasted until 4 in the morning last Sunday...a twelve hour+ day! Woo! I'm trying to schedule a Kiosk opening a double VP visit and I've got a store to make fanfuckingtasitic for the visit, open the Kiosk, train the peeps, accomodate the VIP's the following day, appease the new hires scheduling needs and....rock the usual standards I expect from my employeess.

I'm fucking pissed at the world right now - My heart is weary.

wtf is going on???????????????????? Oprah or Obama can't fix this shit???? Help cuz I'm done.