Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Feat

So, I helped in opening one of the prettiest bookstores in the Northwest, a bookstore so pretty that it has a name "concept" (original, no?), right smack dab in the middle of the future of what a bookstore should be....in the future...or um..the present - now, I'm there sniffing the carpet glue whilst I toss aboot product.

We're a digital society and like any good capitalists my company honed in on the hottest of trends; we the people are completely ravaged by our addiction of being in the "now", oh boy...dare I say it...."real time", (email, texting, paging, damn it, we need you now, life as we know it will collapse without an immediate response society.) All other time as we currently measure the fire globe, before this point in um..time, was only relative (did your head explode? mine did days ago...I'm making potpourri) needless to say you can download crap at my new store, you can buy shit to upload more shit, you can buy this thing that will bring you cable shows at the North Pole! Books, yep..lots and hell, you can upload books to your ereader. Here we are in the now and I got a sexy bookstore that wreaks of NOW. With that comes glitches that abound, things break, the sexiness factor has become a needy girl/boyfriend, one that needs validation every fucking second you're in the same vacinity, oy. It's been a trial to say the least, but still...it's hot and amazing and really fuckin' cool and I'm there. Nice.

This store won't be for all folk, but that's how we humans roll, no? We all like different things, I for one am constantly amazed by beautiful shiny things and that's what this store is and I'm proud to be part of it. That aside, things are still in the organizational phase and things are overlooked, so when I turned to give the GM a report, I was greeted by a dolly (left behind from a delivery moments before) and um...twisted and contorted my body in ways it has never known (at least that I will admit to without a yoga teacher present)anyhoo, I did the great cartoon dance of '08, you could almost hear the bloopy cartoon music. I looked at my GM while doing the death dance and I thought to myself, "fuck. it." and fell all the while I still held her gaze and then like some fearless animated creature I bounced like a fucking Tigger, I'm a human f'n marvel, so watch yer orange and black ass Tigger, this cat would dig your paycheck, wink, wink.

Miraculously I'm just sore...shit happens and do note that I willingly acknowledge my shortcomings (cough *no grace* cough) even before I know I have them and well, I am far from graceful by any measure, but damn it I'll put on a f'n show for ratings (I got "10's across the board) I did and now I'm sore and here we are...in the future when minutes ago it was only speculation. I'm exhausted, but, I see a light...oh my. ;)

Good Night :)

Operations Manager, LOL!!!



If your in the Seattle are come to largest mall in the state (shoot me) and check out the store. :)