Friday, July 08, 2005

Lion & Tigers & Tweakers, Oh MY!

"More than half of those interviewed for the National Association of Counties survey considered meth the No. 1 drug problem in their counties."

I waited close to twenty minutes for the pharmacist at Target to return from lunch to buy my sinus-candy, Advil Multi-Symptom. The Advil contain sudaphrine and apparently meth chefs use it to cook up some yummy-loseyourfuckingmind-meth and in wanting to control the amount of sudaphrine to thwart these bottom-feeder chefs from making more crystal meth. I'm all for it, I've seen what this hideous drug can do to good people in a short time, meth is as close to evil as evil gets.
"Federal estimates show there are 15 million marijuana users compared to the 1.5 million meth users.

But Burns said his agency's drug policies may be shifting.

"I think we would all agree methamphetamine is the most destructive, dangerous, terrible drug that's come along in a long time,"

Those 15 million dope smokers are too busy looking at the sparklie lights and wiping out the candy section at the AM PM to be spending millions to stop them from staring at the clouds for to long. On the other hand, meth users twitch, bitch and are dellusional paranoids from the start, they are as dangerous to themselves as much as they are to the public, so personally, I support any shift away from marrywanna to the wicked meth, even if that means I have to stand in line, sniffling, sneezing and wiping the constant dribble of snot from my nose while waiting for the fucking pharmacists.
[link via AS]