Monday, February 27, 2006

Dear Donald & Martha, Shut Up. Thanks.

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart, please assume this position and shut up about your blame game, leave that to the politicians. "Look at me I'm filthy rich and always a winner, except for this one um, a low security band camp/bankruptcy court".

Martha Stewart's Apprentice show sucked, because...Martha is not Trump and who the hell dismisses an employee with a fucking "Thank You" note? Martha has a visible hair part, Trump does not. Martha bakes pie, Trump eats pie (ew). Trump and Mark Burnett thought they were helping Ms. Stewart regain her stance in the business world, she didn't need help, she would have been fine without it, they took advantage of her headlines and she let them. People don't watch Martha for her business acumen or insider trading tips, they watch her for home-making tips and entertaining advice, the dumbasses.

This argument is a clash of egos so insidious it makes me never want to buy another Martha book or watch the Apprentice again, fuggedaboutit. Besides, the Apprentice has been moved to Mondays up against Two and a Half Men one of the funniest half hours of television left on t.v. today, I know I won't watch the Apprentice now, time to stick a fork in it folks, it's done. Opting for one charming, womanizer scoundrel over another will be our Monday night option, I opt for the younger cad with the hair part, so sorry Mr. Trump. I'd rather laugh my ass off then try figure out how I could strap down a middle aged man in the barber's chair.

Continuing the whining and blaming makes both Trump & Stewart look trivial and weak, shut up already, your both still rich and highly successful and until Martha makes mac & cheese with government subsidized cheese and Trump works a soup kitchen, shut the fuck up, we don't care who's at blame, we only care that you shut up.