Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The beginning of the end?

If shitty dreams are a sign of the beginning of the apocalypse, then it has begun. My sleep has been restless lately, I hate that. Perhaps it's because I put a deadline on all those things I'd said I get done once I wasn't working, that I haven't got done. In a fit of tossing and turning I somehow managed to sneak a dream, I'm sure there were many dreams but this one was particularly heinous. Let's just say that I'm making out with a very cute guy and then I shit my pants. I won't go into any of the clean-up details or the humiliation trying to find clean clothes, but needless to say, I woke up in a bad mood - ack.

More product @ Don't blame me I voted for Kerry.

Before I get back to getting stuff done Washington State has a rash on their collective asses and it's called Tim Eyman. This man's God complex is getting out of control:
OLYMPIA - Tim Eyman, in a stunt that was not wholly unexpected, arrived at the state elections division building Monday dressed as Darth Vader and wielding a plastic light saber. Missing were the petitions full of signatures in support of an effort to overturn the state's new gay civil-rights law.

A force to be reckoned with? No. The man is an hateful annoyance, a stinky queef biscut and that light saber isn't foolin' anyone.

And finally, Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

"The time is 1913, with the specter of the First World War about to descend upon Europe. The place is a resort hotel on the Franco-Swiss border. Three very different women meet there by chance and discover that they have something in common: each of them experienced a major turning point in their past that changed them forever, a cataclysmic event that triggered their sexual awakening, and they need to share these experiences with each other, both in telling and experiencing, in order to come to terms with them, in order to heal and move on, even with the world around them about to erupt into the first great war of the Twentieth Century.

If this wasn't already heady enough, the women are figures we already know: Lady Alice, the silver-haired aristocrat with a long history of scandal behind her, is Alice from Lewis Carroll's books "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass." Wendy Potter, respectable wife of a staid middle-aged businessman, is Wendy from J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan." And Dorothy Gale, the free-spirited young American tourist seeing Europe for the first time, is the heroine from L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz." The books are the stories that changed these women's lives, reinterpreted through the prism of sex, where the original stories themselves become subtle metaphors for sexual awakening

[Link and Eyman photo via Slog]