Tuesday, September 05, 2006

“All we want to do is eat your brains. We’re not unreasonable, I mean, we’re not going to eat your eyes.”

Last Friday evening I attended the 826 Seattle Benefit - People Talking and Singing at McCaw Hall (one of 7 dates nationally for the "Book Eaters Tour") and that alone makes me hipper and wiser for the wear. While most of the world has no clue as to the who, what, where's of the event, I for one went to be entertained by the likes of John Hodgman, Dave Eggers, Sarah Vowell and Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), it was all very literary and composed, really. And what do smart composed people like to do? Sing in a sing-a-long with Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton (a nice little Zombie ditty whence this blog post is named for)of course. There was music up the ying yang and once removed from the ying yang sounded awesome. There was a 3 act play penned and narrated by Daniel Handler, to which his college girlfriend may consider an "unfortunate event" ...har...har.

Overall it was a fabulous event to which I'm certain that I'll attend it again next year. The Seattlest has a nice review of the event allowing my lazy ass to not go on and on about it, but fear not...I will continue on, lucky you.

Sarah Vowell and Dave Eggers @ 826 Seattle Benifit
A mid-show collection basket proved that, in Seattle, Bill Gates isn't the only only generous geek in the area raising over $10,000 for 826 Seattle, the most money raised by far (Sorry all about it New York) and because big bucks were raised we were blessed at the closing with a rendition of "Dracula's Daughter" with spoken word from one of the Smoosh girls and all the rest of the gang (you can watch my crappy snippet here). Rock n' Roll at it's finest! Yes, overstatement of the year being as "Dracula's Daughter" is a non-song, but you get the drift.

Speaking of Rock n' Roll, I followed up that event to attend a house warming party for the band Barefoot Barnacle, it was a hoot and we stayed too long and drank too much. Sleeping in proved to be futile as my niece Sara woke me up and summoned me to yet another romp 'round the Bumbershoot. Oy.

So, back up to the Seattle Center once more, but this time it was for Blondie, I figured that Debbie Harry is an icon and I just could not go through this life without experiencing a Ms. Harry & crew live show.

The show was amazing, she wore a very 80's-ish lime colored ensemble and sang all the hits her 60ish year old body could sing and we loved every minute of it. The only problem with the Blondie show is that it overlapped with the Chuck Palahniuk reading that we also wanted to see. After Blondie finished their fabulous set, closing with "Heart Of Glass", we rambled on over to the reading only to find out that the whole of Bagley Wright Theatre was full to capacity, sweet mary testostrone laden mother of gawd! Rejected, I went and bought a copy of Believer and joined Sara and co. on the lawn by the fountain, this afforded me a much needed "recoup" time, also we had some time before The Thermals show (btw, they so rocked, a loss-hearing good time was had by all.)

From there I went home, exhausted, a smidge hungover, but happy and sated with 24 hrs of literature, music and art that I'm still recovering from, well... at least I don't want to eat your brains anymore...I think. mmmmm