Monday, May 19, 2008

Write on with the diddly

Maintaining a blog can be about as fun as reading a blog that never posts diddlysquat.

Diddlysquat, I believe that it was George Carlin who asked, "What exactly is diddlysquat?” Well, I'm here to tell you. Diddlysquat is everything, but it don't mean diddly. And when you diddle, not to say that all things diddle, but they do, does it mean squat?

Yes, everything is everything. With that said (a supreme line of bullshit indeed) you will see that I neglect to write regularly. I lack many things in life but mostly I lack willpower and discipline. Sure, under the right circumstance or situation I'm a devilish hoot, but I try like hell to be less hootie and more not blowfish, but you get the drift, I've got this human thing going on and I'm fallible and lazy.

Art has always been a more tactile experience for me, that is until I started writing, blurbing, schmurbing, blogging...and then it stopped. Many friends and family asked why, I said I was lazy, tired, spent and I was but everything and others words and perceptions brought me back here and I know I have to write on. So, forgive my lazy ass (like a lazy eye, but without the patch). I will come to terms with the will to write and practice the discipline it takes write stuff, diddlysquat and assorted other babble, if not for myself, then for the abyss of the web and its assorted and loverly residents.

It may not make sense, but I think I know what I'm doing, kind of.