Thursday, May 08, 2008

A New Hope

In the historical footnotes of life you will, at this juncture of our political existence, find the persevering message of "hope". You know what hope is, right? It's that ache of anticipation residing deep within your belly whenever something good or bad is about to happen. It's going to happen, with or without you. So it is suggested that you suck it up and deal. Swell.

This blog, me, moi, and the assorted other personalities that reside within my psyche are supporting Senator Barack Obama for President of these pretty and ever so purple United States Of America. Why? It's not the color of his skin, skin color has never had any influence on any decision that I have made in this life; however, it is the senators' ballsy message of "hope" - audacious indeed.

The war has worn us down, the economy rips at what's left in our wallets, and the status quo in D.C. (the vitriolic bullshit that is American politics) has worn us the fuck out. Blah to it all.

Hope. It's what we feel when we awake every day. First and foremost, we hope that we wake up and when we do how fucking lucky are we? Very lucky. Hope is all we have ever really have had in this life on the spinning rock. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is a given and we take it for granted every day; we bitch, we moan in pleasure in pain, we ignore the realities of the inevitable (death, or so they say and we all know about "they", ahem.). We are so arrogant in our thought processes. Hope, it's all we got. Sure, love is all we need, but it's hope that spurns the process of loving, acceptance and tolerance.

I sat on the fence for some time being a feminazigirliethang. I wanted Hillary to be the answer to all the ills of our world, but it ended up being politics as usual and that left a nasty taste in my mouth. Notice to politicians: It has been said that eating pineapple reduces the unsavory taste of nasty political spunk. Try it, as I find it hard enough to swallow that we are one nation under God, when I believe that we are one world under the cosmos (the concept of one God is super fantastic, but a few atoms got in the way) and that all acts of the positive nature will see us through the unknown.

It is not about a black man and a woman (finally, after all this fucking time) it's about a positive message, it is about leadership with a positive effect, and not about who'll answer the fucking phone at 3 a.m. Sweet Mary.

Get down with your purple self and be real about what matters and what truly matters is the message of the promise of a hopeful new day.

Hope: it's all we got. Vote Barack Obama this fall, or not. Again as I've always muttered, the choice is yours. Just see outside of your current reality and touch, smell, and live what is our one saving grace, and that is HOPE. Dig?